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The Development of Construction Mesh in the Construction Industry

Apr. 18, 2024

Today's construction industry is in an era of rapid development. Technology changes over time. Unpredictable direct or indirect high costs in project construction continue to rise. Therefore, the construction period of the construction unit is severely squeezed by Party A. The lack of technology makes a The application of new technology construction mesh was born. New technologies, new materials and new specifications are changing with each passing day. Construction mesh is used in reinforced concrete structures to replace the traditional manual binding of steel bars. It is characterized by industrialized production, quality, convenient construction, saving labor and time, and shortening the construction period. Construction mesh It has been increasingly used in engineering practice at home and abroad. The technology of construction mesh has been adopted in the general construction industry in my country.


Construction mesh has great competitive advantages in the construction industry. In summary, the main points are as follows:

1. Construction mesh saves materials. Due to the high strength of construction mesh, nearly 30% of steel can be saved compared with ordinary first-grade steel in engineering applications. This is particularly important in times of energy shortage.

2. The building mesh is easy to construct and of high quality. The welded steel mesh is produced in the factory according to the design drawings and installed on site. Therefore, compared with traditional on-site manual tying, it not only improves the quality of the project, but also speeds up the construction progress and shortens the construction period.

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3. Support of industry standards related to construction mesh. The production and construction of welded steel mesh are strictly based on the "Technical Regulations for Concrete Structures of Welded Steel Mesh", which guarantees the production quality of welded steel mesh. This regulation was edited by the Academy of Construction Sciences and approved by the Ministry of Construction. Technical demonstration by the scientific research department is an important prerequisite for the application of welded mesh.

4. The efforts of many wire mesh manufacturers and the innovation of construction concepts by engineering and technical personnel are the direct driving force for the promotion and use of construction mesh.

5. It can greatly reduce the installation time of steel bars, which is helpful to prevent the occurrence and development of concrete cracks and reduce concrete surface cracks. The mesh size of the welded mesh is regular and has good elasticity. When pouring concrete, the steel bars are not easy to bend, deform and slip locally. Phenomenon, it can reduce the steel project cost by about 10%.


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